The fundus of retina

  • Fundus investigation in diabetes

    Diabetes can cause pathological changes in the blood vessels of the fundus of the eye. These changes can vary from small isolated bulges in the blood vessels, known as microaneurysms, to the formation of new blood vessels. These may lead to leakage of protein around the blood vessels, haemorrhage, swelling of the retina, macular oedema, glaucoma (caused by increased pressure in the eye), and finally, retinal detachment. If the changes are not detected in time they can – in the worst case – lead to blindness. At Stockholms Ögonklinik, we investigate the fundus and its blood vessels using digital photographic methods and a technique known as “fluorescein angiography”.


    A person may have serious changes to the fundus of the eye without noticing any symptoms. It is therefore important that diabetic patients have their eyes regularly checked by a specialist, in order to detect any changes at an early stage, and start treatment as early as possible.


    Changes in the fundus are treated with laser. This method was introduced in the middle of the 1970s, after which the incidence of serious sight deficiency and blindness caused by diabetes has been more than halved in Sweden. The experienced specialists at Stockholms Ögonklinik carry out fundus examinations and pain-free laser treatment of changes in the fundus caused by diabetes.


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