Our staff

  • CEO

    Göran Lind, CEO

    Göran Lind


    25 years of experience in managing different kinds of businesses, including 17 years of experience as managing director of various eye clinics. Was involved in the development of Globen EyeClinic as one of the major player in Sweden and was also involved when the company was acquired by a major Swedish healthcare company.
    Tel: +46 7 0950 0644
    Email: goran.lind@stockholmsogonklinik.se

  • Clinical and surgical personnel

    Meriem Tounsi Brandhammar Head of unit, ophthalmology nurseMeriem Tounsi Brandhammar

    Head of unit, ophthalmology nurse
    Telephone: +46 8 5089 4914
    E-mail: meriem.brandhammar@stockholmsogonklinik.se

    Ann Eriksson Head of unit, ophthalmology nurse, head of surgical operationsAnn Eriksson

    Head of unit, ophthalmology nurse, head of surgical operations

    Niklas Wallskog Head of surgical operations, nurseNiklas Wallskog

    Head of surgical operations, nurse

    Anna Pettersson Ophthalmology nurseAnna Pettersson

    Ophthalmology nurse

    Anna Ryberg

    Ophthalmology nurse

    Anne Rydén

    Assistant nurse

    Annika Kjellström

    Assistant nurse

    Beata Gustafsson NurseBeata Gustafsson


    Christina Kollin Ophthalmology nurseChristina Kollin

    Ophthalmology nurse

    Christina Sterlin

    Assistant nurse

    Erica Silwer

    Assistant nurse

    Javier Flores Ophthalmic OpticianJavier Flores

    Ophthalmic Optician

    Jenny Chytraeus Ophthalmic OpticianJenny Chytraeus

    Ophthalmic Optician

    Maria Ohrberg Ophthalmology nurse, photography managerMaria Ohrberg

    Ophthalmology nurse, photography manager

    Mehrzad Kananian

    Ophthalmology nurse

    Rebecka Rosén Ophthalmic Optician, PhDRebecka Rosén

    Ophthalmic Optician, PhD

    Therese Österman Optometry technicianTherese Österman

    Optometry technician

    Thi Binh Nguyen

    Assistant nurse

    Vanja Saula Ophthalmic OpticianVanja Saula

    Ophthalmic Optician

    Åsa Jontell Ophthalmology nurseÅsa Jontell

    Ophthalmology nurse

  • Orthoptists

    Aryan S Persson Orthoptist, Ophthalmology nurseAryan S Persson

    Orthoptist, Ophthalmology nurse

    Kicki Marklund Skaret Orthoptist, Ophthalmology nurseKicki Marklund Skaret

    Orthoptist, Ophthalmology nurse

  • Receptionists

    Carina Rosenberg Reception managerCarina Rosenberg

    Head of unit, reception manager
    e-mail: carina.rosenberg@stockholmsogonklinik.se
    Telephone: +46 8 5089 4904

    Alexandra Carlsson ReceptionistAlexandra Carlsson


    Camilla Bergholm


    Marie Börrefors


    Matilda Hallberg ReceptionistMatilda Hallberg


    Matilda Kjellström


  • Administration

    Magnus Östberg

    E-mail: magnus.ostberg@stockholmsogonklinik.se
    Telephone: +46 8 5089 4934

    Sara Eriksson AdministratorSara Eriksson


    Anna Norlén

    Medical secretary, quality assurance manager

    Marit Grankvist

    Medical secretary

    Meta Rosenblad

    Medical secretary, assistant nurse

    Theresie Bång

    Medical secretary, assistant nurse

  • Customer Center

    Ann-Marie Andersson Head of Customer CenterAnn-Marie Andersson

    Head of Customer Center

    Caroline Melki

    Ophthalmic Optician

    Katarina Melki

    Assistant Optician

    Katrin Strand Assistant nurseKatrin Strand

    Assistant nurse

    Nisha Rahmania Assistant nurseNisha Rahmania

    Assistant nurse

    Yosra Haddad Ophthalmic OpticianYosra Haddad

    Ophthalmic Optician

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