Common questions about glaucoma screening

  • Common questions about glaucoma screening

    Do I need a referral before I can undergo glaucoma screening?

    No, just make an appointment by calling +46 8 5089 4911 (the telephone lines are open Monday-Friday 8:30-12:00 AM and 1:00-3:30 PM).

    Can I keep my contact lenses in during the screening?

    This is perfectly OK, indeed – we prefer it for some of the examinations. You must, however, take out the lenses when we measure the pressure in your eyes. You should not then reinsert lenses for a few hours. So it’s a good idea to bring a pair of spectacles to use afterwards.

    Why do I need to check my field of view? I have perfect vision.

    Glaucoma is a disease that causes loss of axons in the optic nerve. You do not notice this at an early stage, since the brain can “fill in” the lost areas, and you believe that you are seeing the complete field. Furthermore, the healthy eye can compensate for any loss of vision in the eye affected. Computer-controlled measurement of the field of vision (known as “perimetry”) is a sensitive method for detecting early loss.

    My mother has glaucoma, so why do I need to undergo screening? My optician measured my intraocular pressure and found that it was normal.

    It is a fallacy that measuring pressure is enough to determine whether you have glaucoma. Literature studies have shown that approximately 50% of patients who receive an early diagnosis of glaucoma have statistically normal intraocular pressure. The pressure may remain at a normal level for the rest of the patient’s life, but usually the pressure rises as the years pass. It’s important to detect the disease at an early stage, and thus it is not enough just to measure the intraocular pressure.

    Does assessment of the optic nerve hurt?

    You won’t feel a thing: all that happens is that a red light is shone into the eye and carries out a series of measurements. It takes a few seconds for each eye.

    Why is it necessary to measure the thickness of the cornea?

    It has become apparent that it is necessary to correct the pressure values obtained if the cornea is thinner or thicker than standard.

    Is the “result” available before I leave the clinic?

    All the results are considered together with the nurse. The usual conclusion, of course, is that everything is normal, and you will be recommended to repeat the screening after a year or a few years. If you have a family history of glaucoma, the risk of being affected is greater, and in this case you and the nurse will agree on a suitable period before you come for the next screening. Sometimes the results show something that is worth looking at in more detail, using other examination methods. It may be appropriate for you to have a supplementary consultation with one of our ophthalmologists. All examinations are subsequently reviewed by an ophthalmologist.

    Is it only those with a family history of glaucoma who subsequently develop the disease?

    Not at all, anyone can develop the disease. The greatest risk factor is age. Glaucoma is the second most common cause of blindness in the world (after cataract). The glaucoma screening offered by Stockholms Ögonklinik is available for anyone who wants to take it.

    How long does a screening take?

    You should expect to spend just over an hour at the clinic.

    How much does it cost?

    SEK 1200. The examination is not covered by our agreement with the county council, and must be taken as a private patient.

    Where are the screenings carried out?

    Screening is available at:
    Stockholms Ögonklinik
    Valhallavägen 91, entrance T

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    An appointment can be made by telephone on +46 8 5089 4911 (the telephone lines are open Monday-Friday 8:30-12:00 AM and 1:00-3:30 PM).

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