Common questions about RLE/Multifocal surgery

  • Common questions about RLE/Multifocal surgery

    Will it be necessary to use spectacles after the procedure?

    Some people find that they need weak spectacles when reading small text, or when driving in the dark. Most people can carry out everyday tasks without spectacles or contact lenses.

    How long does it take to acquire good vision after the procedure?

    Sight is blurred immediately after the procedure, and it improves during the next few hours. Many people see haloes around light sources, but this becomes less as time passes. It takes a while for most people to become used to the technique required to see both close and at a distance with the new lenses. The duration of this period differs from one person to the other.

    How can I manage in the period after treating the first eye, and before treating the second?

    It will be necessary to try to cope with having only one good eye, or to use a contact lens on the eye that has not yet been corrected.

    How long will it be before the second eye can be treated?

    It is usual to treat one eye at a time, waiting a week or a few weeks between the procedures.

    How soon can normal life begin again?

    You should avoid rubbing your eyes the first week, and you should not go swimming or carry out intense exercise. You may have to take the first week after surgery off work.

    What are the risks?

    We work in extremely sterile conditions, and the risk for infection is thus very low (less than 1 in 2,000). The artificial lens sometimes can give rise to mild forms of optical effects such as reflections or light rays around lamps. This is totally harmless and the disturbance usually passes with time.

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