• Buy now, pay later

    Have you found something here that you need? We offer the possibility of paying in monthly installments. The amount to be paid each month is determined by the length of the period over which you want to spread the payment. This makes the expensive easier to bear, and makes it easier for you to afford the treatment or surgery. Paying in installments evens out your household economy and spreads the cost over a longer period.

    A “re:member” card free of charge when you pay in installments

    When you pay by installments at Stockholms Ögonklinik, you will receive one of the new credit cards re:member home in your letter box after a few days. Re:member is a credit card that thinks differently. It is not a case of buying more, simply of paying more cleverly. The re:member card enable you to:

    • determine the rate at which you pay off debt
    • carry out safe purchasing throughout the world and over the internet
    • adjust your card’s contents so that they meet your needs

    More information about the re:member card can be found at

  • The Stockholms Ögonklinik research foundation

    Stockholms Ögonklinik has established a foundation to promote research at the clinic. The foundation’s bankgiro number is 478-9251.

Updated: April 6, 2017

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